free lancing the world

I will have to come up with an income source.  It is imperative.  I’d like to think that I have reduced the expenditures to the barest of minimums, but there still must be generated income. However, there is the need to stay out of the commercial/industrial/business model which seems to react negatively to my personality.  

The answer seems to be some sort of free lance occupation.  Or maybe free lancing is the occupation.  Do what you do best.  Great advice.  I do many things well, some better than others.  I can design landscapes, I can do yard work.  I can clean houses.  I can knit some snazzy socks.  I can write.  I can run errands.  I can cook.  I can organize.  All I have to do is find some person in need of these skills.  Even temporarily.  Say, the yard has to look good for a party next weekend.  When will you have time to get it ready?  I could come in, clean everything up, dead head the flowers, trim around the patio, spruce up the flower pots.  You could then concentrate on getting the other things on your to-do list done.  
Need a present for some special occasion.  I could knit your son going to college a pair of warm slippers.  Or knit a silk scarf for your best friend.  I make really hard wearing dish cloths- heavy duty cotton with texture for scrubbing.  I use them all the time.  
It could work.  I could just do the things that I do for me, for other people.  It wouldn’t be hard, I would have income and they would have more time to do whatever people think they need more time to do.  This is definitely something to think about.  I could be everyone’s free lance honey-do.  
Hey, if I could make money from it and I wouldn’t have that daily obligation it might work.  yes, definitely something to think about.