He who hesitates…

This morning Dennis and I got up early with the intention of going down to Buffalo City to photograph along the dike.  So a little before 5 a.m. we were in the kitchen drinking coffee and deciding if the clouds were going to hang around all thick and dark and obscuring the sunrise.  We walked outside (both in our typical morning state of undress) and up to the top of the yard where the sliver of orange sky could be seen under the clouds.  Decision made, not enough visible sky, too far away, back to the house.  

Ten minutes later the northeast sky was lit up with day glow pink and orange stippled stripes.  Yikes, was that the wrong decision.  I grabbed my camera and went out, still in my bathrobe, and spent an hour watching and photographing the sunrise from the field.  
Tomorrow we will go down to Buffalo City with our bikes and cameras.  We will ride out on the dike road, see the sunrise and hopefully, if the sky cooperates, get some great pictures.