Monday, the Carrot

I promised myself I would spend two hours writing every day this week. Monday was easy. I wrote a short essay this morning, one that has been twirling around in my head for a couple weeks. I like to let them slosh around in there for a little while, filter out a lot of the weeds and debris, clear the water so to speak.
As reward for this feat of discipline, a virtue I don’t really want to claim as my own, I got to play around with some of the photos I took this weekend. That is my carrot.

The problem with carrots, is like most vegetables, I am not all that excited about them. As an enticement, carrots might work for horses, mules, and rabbits, but I have a more discerning palate. I prefer flowers. Like the clematis blooming on the arbor. I guess I am more of a goat than a mule. Its less about gluttony and more about aesthetics.

I took this photo early Sunday morning. Dennis and I went over to Frontenac State Park to view sunrise. As you can see, there wasn’t much sunrise to be seen. The morning fog over the river was dense. This photo is taken from the lookout on top of the Frontenac bluff. That is the river out there, under all that mist. Another carrot, this one reward from getting up before 4 a.m. for the chance to record a sunrise.
And aren’t I full of myself this afternoon? All because I managed to do one thing I promised I would do. Small encouragements for small accomplishments. I know, because I looked this morning, the real carrots need weeding. Maybe that can be tomorrow’s reward.