Chasing clouds

Last night Dennis and I decided to take some pictures. Sunset was approaching and the sky was full of clouds when we looked out the kitchen windows. Ten minutes later as we are driving down the driveway the clouds are gone in the western, southern and northern sky. All that is left is one large thundercloud off to the east. For evening shots this is not ideal.

However Dennis decided we could drive far enough to the east to get under the cloud, thus allowing for some good photographing. Meanwhile time ticks away, the sun is descending in the west and the cloud we are chasing is shrinking and moving farther east.
I do not imagine we are likely to find the right spot, set up, and get photographing in time for sunset.
In some weird convoluted journey down gravel roads between our house and the Chippewa River, along the Tiffany bottoms toward Nelson, and across the Mississippi at Wabasha, we ended up at a public boat launch below Wabasha and directly across from Alma.
Dennis got some shots that might make good panoramas, his current fascination, and I got a couple decent shots of him and his camera. The clouds weren’t bad either. Just another case of knowing what you want and settling for what you can get.