A tiger with spots

tiger lilyIts an asiatic lily, commonly called Tiger Lily.  Why?  Tigers have stripes.  This lily has spots.  A close cousin, the blackberry lily, commonly called the leopard lily, has a flat spotted flower and the foliage of a day lily.  It is closer to the ditch lily, also spotted and very like a daylily.   Need I mention the Turk’s cap lily?  It has a similar flower but not the same foliage.   Do we need so many similar lilies?

These lilies were in the garden when I moved in here so long ago.  I moved them, digging out lily bulbs the size of pumpkins.  I threw most of the bulbs in the woods, where thankfully they did not survive.  The rest are in two spots in the yard, next to the workshop and behind the garage in the sumac patch.  They are bright, colorful, tall and pretty much confined.  I expect I will have to dig them out sometime soon, as lily bulbs get bigger they flower less and need to be divided.

The deer and rabbits love lilies.  I don’t.