an appeal for winter knitting

I am just about to finish the first pair of socks for this year.  A soft and sturdy wool/bamboo multi colored yarn and five very skinny needles and I have warm washable socks.  Sock knitting always starts in fall, when bare feet start getting a little chilly.  A pair of socks takes about a week of knitting, mostly accomplished during the evening hours to justify brainless TV watching.

To feed my habit of manipulating string with sticks, and my habit of watching inane programing, I am offering socks, slippers, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves (fingers are too fiddly) and other small projects up for grabs.  I have accumulated an impressive stash of yarns, mostly natural fibers, in various colors and thicknesses and its time to use some of it up.  If I don’t how will I justify buying more?

So, if you are in need of a pair of socks, slippers, mittens, maybe a hat, contact me.  All I need are a few measurements for sizing.  See the list below.  Color choices are not available.  I am a dark green, blue, red, brown and black kind of person and the yarns are in the same colors.

Socks and slippers-

length of foot- toe to heel.  circumference of instep.

Socks are made of washable yarns (think Smart Socks) and middle weight.

Slippers are made of wool, have double bottoms and will shrink a little.

Mittens and fingerless gloves-

length of hand- wrist to finger tip.  circumference of hand at widest part.

Hats- circumference of head measured at the crown( around the forehead).

Indicate dippy ear flaps if so desired.

Mittens and gloves are made of a variety of yarns,  so fiber content will vary- mainly wool and washable wool, sometimes a little alpaca, maybe some silk…

Oh, I do have some cotton mix yarns that might work for socks or slippers- I could try and see- if wool is  not good for you.

So, let me know what you want and I’ll get started.  I suspect I’ll finish my socks this evening.  Keep me knitting.