knitting progress

jacket, socks and handwarmerssocks and handwarmers As promised…a few projects recently  completed.  The jacket, women’s size  large, is made from a naturally dyed heavyweight wool.  Buttons are pewter and there are small side pockets.  As with most of my knitting projects there is no set pattern- I saw a pattern for a similar jacket, made some adjustments and got to knitting.

Socks and handwarmers are from one skein of sock yarn.  The yarn is a wool, bamboo and nylon.  The socks look funny laid out, but fit great and wash very well.  The handwarmers are small, and I would make them longer in the palm next time I knit them.  I have started a pair of socks in the same yarn, red, yellow and green colorway and should finish those this week.  I have another skein of yarn in the blue green colorway in reserve.  Once the socks are finished I will probably start work on a pair of mittens.  I have wool in lighter shades of brown/grey of the sweater left and I think I could make some interesting patterned mittens- not too complicated but fun- with it.  Or I might start on another sweater, I have a few days to decide. I am open to suggestions, requests…