Raccoon tree update

Until recently the raccoon tree outside my window has been pretty dull.  There hasn’t been much critter activity since the raccoon moved out this spring.  Today, however, there seems to be more interest, more potential tenants checking out the various notches and hollows.  There is the flock (highest count so far this morning 7 in the tree at once) of Blue Jays.  No doubt they are looking for perches close to the bird feeders below.  There is the chipmunk going in and out of the vacant raccoon den.  I know the chipmunks have burrows at the base of the tree- could it be the tree is  hollow all the way through?  The chickadees fly in every once in a while, in between blue jay visits.  The cardinals should be arriving soon. This tree could be quite the community center this winter.  I’ll have to set the camera up in the window again.