infrequent visitor

I saw one of these birds this morning hopping around the raccoon tree, then flying off to the little maple by the shade garden, then off to the apple tree and finally to the big maple at the top of the yard.  Huge!  This is a big bird with a fierce looking red crest and long  beak.   That crest in the sunshine this morning was mesmerizing.  What a beautiful bird.

There are always downy woodpeckers in the yard, occasionally a red-headed woodpecker stops by the feeders.  But this guy only shows up a few times a year.  He always makes a statement when he arrives.

I have my camera set up in the window, but this time I wasn’t able to get the window open and the camera set up to take any pictures.  National Geographic provided the picture you see.  Someday…I’ll be ready when the pileated woodpecker shows up again.