Things I did on my birthday…

1.  Had coffee and philosophic discussion with Dennis.

2. Took a long car ride through the hoarfrosted trees to St. Paul.

3. Wandered the Como Conservatory and saw blooming bromeliads, baby ferns, orchids, and palm tree flowers.

4.  Had lunch with two friends and three finger puppets- a llama, a penquin, and a strangely marked duck.

5.  Visited two yarn shops and bought lots of yarn.

6.  Got compliments on my new sweater from three different people.

7.  Bought groceries and convinced fellow shopper to try brussle sprouts.

8. Got Macarthur dogfood and was jumped by lab puppy in the petsmart store.

9. Brought home two new animals- a penguin and a brown dog with secret writing powers.

10. Got the fire in the living room stove started on the first try.

Thanks Mary, Tinne, Tim, Colleen, Tony, Kim, Cynthia, Julie, Maggie, Eric and all of you who had good wishes for me.  You helped make it a great day to start another year.  Happy puppy dancing for all.