Squirrelly Love

While there are those folks who swear by the groundhog’s shadow, its the first sign of squirrels spiraling up and down the trees that tells me spring might just be around the corner- the eight to ten week corner.  They have been out the past few days; squirrels under the bird feeder, bounding across the yard, chasing each other around and around the tree trunks, leaping from branch to branch and then tree to tree.  Boundless squirrelly energy driving the bluejays crazy and eating through the bird food.  It’s been great fun to watch.

This couple seems to have taken up residence in the hollow of the raccoon tree.  I had hoped for a return of the raccoon and her babies, but that family is probably too large for the hollow.  Two small squirrels should fit just right.

This one, the female*, seems to already know what she should do when the camera appears in the window.  Now if she would just explain it to the birds.

Indications of gender include chasee not chaser, smaller size, less aggressive…I don’t think squirrels have issues with sexism.


One thought on “Squirrelly Love

  1. Great photos, Dana. Ms squirrel is secure about her gender! (ha funny idea) I posted a link to your blog from Oasis so that some others might find you and these adorable frisky critters.

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