color spots

What better thing to do on a snowy morning? Spend some time looking out the window, watching the snow pile up in the driveway.   Shoveling now would be an exercise in futility.  Better to wait until the snow stops.  Then the big dig can begin.  I’ll have to shovel the driveway if I want to get the car out tomorrow for my weekly trip to the city and class.

I look out my window and there is the demented cardinal trying to get seed from an empty birdfeeder.  When that fails, attack the living room window.  I wonder where his girl friend is?  Home, keeping the nest warm?  Or has she come to her senses and left him behind?

The bluejays arrive at the feeder, chase away the cardinal.  They give up after a few tries at the seed stuck to the bottom of the feeders.  I need to fill the feeders again.  And soon.  The squirrels and the rabbits will be knocking, waiting at the door.  The cardinal will be tapping, flapping, attacking the windows.  Following me around the house, from window to window.  Flying up, showing his big brave delusional self.

No, big beaked woodpecker to the rescue.  Prying and flipping out the sticky seed at the bottom of the feeder. On the ground the little birds hurry to get the seed before it is buried under the snow.

Woodpecker hero, savior of the little beaked.

The only spots of color in a landscape of white.


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