not so amusing musings

1.  A Saturday afternoon at Ikea is like going to Disneyland.  Not that I have ever been to Disneyland.  But…kids, parents, bright colors, mazes, lines, noise, hustle, crowds, strollers, crying, shouting, carts, big yellow bags…

Dennis comments “so where is the recession?”

2.  Sunday NYT article reports 14% of women aged 45 and over are unemployed.  Article makes noises that these women are not going to be employed in the near future.

What to do, what to do?  Keep looking?  Keep hoping?  Buy a cow, some chickens, grow a big garden this year?  Drop out of the mainstream economy?  Get depressed, write a memoir, do disaster relief work for a tent and three squares a day? Foster an attitude of angry resignation?

3.  What the hell,  there is sunshine, a cupboard full of food, wood in the woodshed, dog sleeping on the kitchen rug, and nothing more pressing today that cleaning the bathroom.  I can keep the intrusions, the chaos, the doomsayers out, at least for the day.

Scarlet says “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”