color returning

Receding snow and returning color.  Nothing like a March rainstorm to bring out the spring in everything. Including the gravel road.  The thaw commences.  The birds return.  The possums are on the move.

Today I am having a bathrobe dayand I don’t intend to dress until it’s time to walk to the mailbox.  That’s another thing rainy March days are good for- staying inside.

I decided I need to make another book.  I need to do something I can hold in my hands and turn pages and see my own words printed before me.  So I have been through my files and found all the my little writings about walking to the mailbox and I am going to make a chapbook of walks to the mailbox.  It will have photographs too.

I think it will be an edition of 12 or so.  If you would like one, let me know.