Days of wind and I have the urge to fly kites.  Walking to the mailbox yesterday I couldn’t help but see that long expanse of road as the perfect kite flying place.  No trees, no wires, just open fields and lots of sky.  Perfect for flying kites.

Do people still fly kites?  I remember as a child having a kite every spring and trying to get them off the ground in the empty lot across the street.  The hazards then were electric lines, big trees, and running out of room to run. Sometimes we tried to fly kites in the fields around Holy Spirit School and that only worked if the catholic kids weren’t out there to drive us away.

Can you still buy kites?  I want the old oiled paper ones, diamond shaped, with the balsa wood cross pieces.  Or maybe the slightly more modern version- thin vinyl with the plastic straw cross pieces.  You needed a reel of cotton string and a torn cloth tail, but I don’t remember the whole kit costing more than $2.00 at the local dairy/ convenience store.

There were the box kites too.  I never quite figured out how those got in the air, but they were glorious to watch.  Any kites were fun to watch, dipping and sailing on a current that was more a tug on the string than a breeze in your face.

If there were a few or a bunch of kites flying in the same place there was that need to dodge and dance around- kites weaving in the air as we tried to maneuver on the ground to keep strings from tangling and the kites in the air.

And then there were the inevitable crashes and tumbling kites across the ground.  We made kite repairs with tape and string and paper patches.  They weren’t made to last, those cheap spring kites.  Their life span hardly ever lasting longer than a few days, about the same length as our attention span for flying kites.   Then we would be on to other distractions- riding bikes, softball on the same vacant lot, or hide and seek through the neighborhood.

I’m going to have to find one of those kites and see what happens when I get it flying over the fields.  It  seems like the right time for flying a kite.