Summer of the Boat Landings

If I had to give a title to last summer’s adventures and expeditions it would be “Summer of the Bluffs.”

This summer we started out with a few bluff top visits down by Prairie du Chien, but at the same time we visited a whole bunch of locations designated ‘public water access.’

After our week in Ely I am starting to think this may be the summer of boat landings.

Dennis bought his first pair of sandals, and proceeded to get them wet walking to canoe launches in the Boundary Waters.  I submerged my sandals (veterans of walking through water) in a peat bog.  I can now identify water access signs in three states, two state forests, a national forest, and the BWCA.

There are no watercraft involved in these activities.  It is all about watery vistas in unpopulated areas.  A lot of the time there are reeds, algae, fishing docks, and warnings about invasive species at these landings.

Landings, launches, access.  No boat necessary.   Bring sandals you don’t mind getting wet and affinity for watery landscapes.   This summer it is not about looking down, but wading in.