happy new year!

It has been a long, long time since I have felt the urge to schedule every waking moment of my days.  It feels good to make that list in the morning, either mentally or more often, given the sad state of my memory, on paper and then tick off the entires one by one.  It is even more satisfying to have items to put on a list; lots of items, diverse, fun, engaging and challenging things I plan to accomplish, I want to accomplish.

New season, new job, new projects, new school term (approaching), new reading material, and thankfully, a new attitude.  No need for new resolutions or funny paper hats and champagne.  No need to stay up until midnight- I rarely make it past ten.  Yes, I have been scanning the horizon for this sort of feeling, this kind of mood.  Finally I decided to just walk toward it, meet it at the crossroads, and walk it home.

I know that January 1st date is the arbitrary new year, but I am convinced it comes about three months late.  I’ll celebrate in September.