Just an ordinary day at home

Thursday has become Sunday in my world.  Thursday is the second of two days off, my weekend.  Yesterday I managed to clean the upstairs, do the laundry, print and assemble 50 chapbooks, order a new monitor for my computer, have lunch with Dennis, and watch some pretty awful television (while assembling chapbooks).

Today I plan to clean the downstairs, make Italian pocket sandwiches, cook a pork roast for lunch, assemble another 50 chapbooks, finish two sweaters (they just need buttons attached), reorganize my bulletin boards, gather the squash from the garden (if still good, rather late on this task), write a review of I Just Lately Started Buying Wings: Missives from the Other Side of Silence, spend a couple hours writing and probably indulge in a couple hours of watching Halloween specials on television (while assembling chapbooks).  Another fun filled, satisfaction guaranteed day.

Yesterday I wore the Big Green Coat on the walk to the mailbox.  Fierce winds, spitting rain, (disappointed the snow/sleet stuff didn’t stick around) and I stayed warm and comfortable.  I am glad to see the BGC once again in the front of the closet.  There was a big box of paper (chapbook materials) in the mailbox- shame on you mailcarrier for being too lazy to bring it down the driveway and making me tote it a quarter mile in wind and rain.  I should start agitating for a new, smaller mailbox again.  The big stacks of paper made me happy- like yarn, books, and socks, one can never have too much.  I used up most of the wood in the woodbox keeping the cookstove hot all yesterday.  So, add that to the list, refill the woodbox.

Oh, yes, today I will order ink for the printer.  And enjoy the satisfaction of ticking tasks one by one off the list.  I’ll need to add a red pen to the order, and the list.  I don’t want to run out of red bird ink.  The last entry of the list- draw red birds on the last page of all those chapbooks.

A truly excellent day in house today.