which way wooly caterpillar

So, I have been seeing the wooly buggers on the road lately.  According to my unscientific survey, (9 wooly caterpillars, four dead, five still moving), the winter appears to be headed in the mediocre, center of the road direction.  The wollies I have seen are evenly divided in hair color- black end quarters and red middle halves.  They do all seem to be heading in a northerly direction- which according to my research indicates a milder winter- right down the center of the road.

Granted I am wearing the big green coat at the start of November which according to my own personal weather indicators means a long chilly winter.  We are using the wood stoves to take the chill out of the house. Then again, roses are still blooming, despite the hard frost we had last week.  But the deer are already settling in at the fruit stand in the lower yard.  More chickadees are at the feeder.  Blue Jays are congregating, harassing the other birds in the yard.  Probably telling all the last minute, just one more thing to do before we fly south procrastinators to start flapping their wings.

So, who has the pulse of the weather this fall?  Woolies?  Hard to say, a snow that sticks would settle the issue.  Daylight savings time ending helps.  I have to say the lady beetle population explosion was a little disappointing this year.  Where have the boxelder bugs been?  I guess I’ll just have to wait for daylight, check the sky, see which way the wind blows, and where the frost line ends.  And watch for wooly caterpillars crossing the road.