In the ditch again…

Can’t wait to go in the ditch again…

This morning, on my way to work, driving north on CC on the top of the hill.

Then I was pointing west. I turned the steering wheel to the right and lightly stepped on the brake.  Then I was pointing north, east, south, west, north again and finally ended up facing east, front of the truck in the ditch.

No damage to the truck, or me and the ditch is fine as well, except for the tire tracks where I tried to get out without putting the truck in 4WD.  It seems, unlike the Mini (front wheel drive) the truck only has rear wheel drive unless you move the shifter into 4H or 4L.

Anyway, the roads on the top of the hill were glare ice, and despite being a little behind schedule I was only driving about 25 mph and doing well until that one moment when the tires slipped…that is all it takes.  Don’t drive on ice, is all I want to say.

On the way home tonight, I drove along the river to Pepin.  And it was warm enough along the river the sleet didn’t freeze on the roads.  I’m not a fan of ice- unless it is on an ice rink or body of water.  It really doesn’t belong on roads or sidewalks.

Upon reaching home and telling my story to Dennis, he advised “No 4WD on ice, please.”  I guess four tires slipping is not much better than two tires slipping.  Funny how we talked about me getting stuck with the truck just last week and he predicted I would get stuck in the driveway (I always do, at least once each winter) and now I have been in the ditch, before December 1.  Perhaps a new record.

BTW- that cell phone I carry for such emergencies as going in the ditch- useless, it read no service.  Really, getting stuck in the driveway is so much more convenient.