Now this is Christmas

I finally figured it out.  52 christmases gone by and finally I have got the secret to a pleasant time the last two weeks of the year.  So simple, so entirely elegantly simple.  To be brief; ignore it and it will go away.

Don’t acknowledge the carols and the ho ho ho’s, avoid the festive wreaths and the garish twinkling lights, don’t watch Frosty or Rudolph on the television and by no means even think about presents or gifts or cards given or received.

I feel so much better.  And to celebrate my new found stress reduced holiday experience I have gifted myself with a new winter coat, a new shoulder bag, three pairs of socks, and a kindle.  This holiday stuff is really quite rewarding when I approach it correctly.

As for the 25th, we will be traveling to Iowa for lunch at the assisted living home of Dennis’ mother.  No overnight stays, no seventeen air freshners in less than 1000 square feet and (hopefully!) no sweet potatoes with miniature marshmallows.

And two weeks from now it will be January and all the frenzy and chaos and false cheerfulness will be forgotten.  Bring it on.  I’ll have my coat and socks and bag and kindle stress free and thanks only to me.

Scrooge, the Grinch, and countless anti christmas heroes all caved to peer pressure.  Don’t fight it, ignore it.  A week from now it will just be another day gone by.


2 thoughts on “Now this is Christmas

  1. Do enjoy your visit to Iowa. I’ll be in Florida, so please do not feel bad that you were not able to squeeze in a visit. I hear the weather will be splendid!

    • Never thought of that, sorry. I think you are a little further west than where we go, just south and east of the windmills. Maybe next time we will detour. Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine and family and holidays.

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