Box Elder Bill, I miss you still…

My computer is hosting a box elder bug convention.  Unusual for January in Wisconsin, but that’s what a little thaw will do.  A little warmth and the bugs come out of the woodwork, really, right out of the woodwork.

Funny thing about those strange little bugs, those red chevroned winged crawlies, I can’t harm them, sweep them away, squash them.  I just have to live with them.  It would be my misfortune to damage or main the box elder bug that is really Bill Holm reincarnated.

I miss you, Bill.  I miss that wry insightfulness, your common sense contrariness, your irrasible optimism.  I hope it’s temperate where you are, not too hot, not too cold.  And if you are crawling around my computer tonight, just stay away from the keyboard.