day three

It’s not so easy to see out the window this morning.  Freezing rain crusted on the outside , not to mention more blowing and drifting snow.  Television news says the storm isn’t over, so we will be puttering in the house again today.  It appears most of the sane world is closed in these parts anyway.  I’m glad I don’t have to pretend to be conscientious and puritan work ethic oriented.  This is my third day off.  Depending on the situation in the driveway, yet to be examined, it might be the third of four…just saying…

Yesterday I cooked and read poetry and drank tea and had two nice meals with Dennis seated at the table.  It’s really quite pleasant to converse with someone while you eat.  There was much companionable discussion and interaction throughout the day.

I am hoping for more today, although it might take the form of shoveling the driveway together.

Other plans for the day; there is more homework to do.  A little writing and a little reading.  Hang out, enjoy the no travel limitation, and relax.  Keep tabs on the Madison protests…think about Tom Lehrer, what he would say about Mr. Walker and his union busting.  Yes, feeling like a protest/folk song kind of day.  Support the protest, don’t just stew about it.


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