A new bookcase on its way to my house!

I couldn’t help it.  The stacks of books hanging over the edge of the big bookscase are threatening my sleep.  I can see them falling in the middle of the night, crashing down on the floor, breaking spines, creasing pages.  A terrible, terrible scene to wake up to.

So, I found another bookcase that matches (or will match, fingers crossed) the other three small bookcases in the room.  Yes, there is now a total of five bookcases in the room where I write this.  Five bookcases, three file cabinets, a desk and chair, two computers, a rocking chair, my camera equipment, a couple magazine racks, three plants, and as much art and phtographs as I can fit on the remaining wall space.  Did I mention the bed?  There is going to be just enough room for one more bookcase.  (the last time I rearranged I ended up setting one bookcase on top of another.  To save space, go vertical!)

Doing a quick book pile survey I would estimate there will be a little more than two shelves left once I put away all the temporarily double stacked books.  Can I really be thinking of getting more books?  Nothing sadder than a half filled bookshelf.  All those homeless half price books out there.  All those unread, under appreciated poetry books out there.

The bookcase arrives on Friday.  Maybe I will be able to resist getting more books until then.  Maybe.