Heading to the Greenhouse once again

Today I interview for a position as a volunteer greenhouse assistant.  Yes, volunteer, greenhouse and assistant all in the same sentence.  I am excited.  In case there is anyone out there who hasn’t walked into a greenhouse (operating, of course) at the end of winter when it is cold and sharp outside, I have to tell you, it is a wonderful experience.  The air is rich with moisture, and the scent of growing things (photosynthesis, transpiration, the sweet breath of plants), and warm moist soil.

Now is when all those colorful blooming plants are still in their infancy, but they are planted, starting to grow and in need of lots of attention- watering, feeding, grooming.  This is the time of year being in the greenhouse is most pleasant.  I can’t wait.

I will only spend a few hours a week in the greenhouse, but it will be enough.  I hope to get my hands dirty, soil in my hair and a little chlorophyll under my finger nails.  A couple hours in a greenhouse can make the dragging end of winter less frustrating.  I’m pretty sure its the plants.