Shy brilliance on Saturday morning.

Breakfast Buffet at the Bird Feeder.

We have been watching a pair of pheasants all winter. They have been living in the woods below the garden.  The female is always out looking for food in the berry bushes, under the windbreaks and even in the branches of the crabapple trees.  This male, the shy one of the set has been lurking under the pines, in the wind breaks, and even around the woodshed.  He seems reluctant to venture out past the cover of the trees.  He never crosses the driveway to the house and people side of the yard.  Until this morning.

His partner is out of sight under my window. She has been at this feeder every morning for about the last two weeks.

The pair spent close to 30 minutes under the feeder.  Then the male, discovered his image in the living room window.  He was not happy, at all.  Window attacks went on for about ten minutes until Dennis tapped on the window and scared him away.

Then, without anthropomorphizing the situation, he took to stalking out on the snow, in the open, as if trying to prove his status as male in charge.  There were a lot of one-legged poses.  (Cold feet?)

I don’t really care what his purpose was, or why he decided to brave the feeder this morning.  The colors, the patterns, the feathers of this bird are stunning. I think I could be very happy with a coat of feathers like his.

Maybe pheasant chicks this spring?  We’ll keep watching.