mass mailing and weed massacre

Well, here it is Thursday afternoon and I have accomplished so much I plan to squander the entire evening with a pair of scissors and some glue.  Time to change out the bulletin boards and play around with paper.

To earn this creative chaos I printed, signed, and mailed out Red Bird Broadsides for June.  It is my favorite, but I have said that with the printing of each new one…choosing the best would be difficult, so I won’t.  I simply won’t.  I got Dennis’ paperwork completed.  I then proceeded to decimate the weeds in the big garden and around the house and shop.  I even made pizza for lunch.  All that is left is a walk to the mailbox and then I can play.  I like to end the day on the playful side.  So relaxing, so satisfying, so…nice.


One thought on “mass mailing and weed massacre

  1. Dana, sounds fantastic! This afternoon, Pete and I have been bird watching. How rewarding? We discovered a tail-flicking willow flycatcher, a black-headed grossbeak, a varied thrush, and–the piece de resistance? A male and a female western tanager. The male looks like a Tequila Sunrise–no exaggeration.

    Thanks for all your work on the broadsides today!


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