Across the rivers and into the plains???

Wahpeton North Dakota.  We made it across Minnesota, had a few interesting adventures.  Learned way too much about ergot and not enough about Magnus Johnson.  Photographed at Terrace and ate lunch at Sibley State Park.

Stopped in Glenwood to find my old house; I think we found it.  Big storms recently in the area, all the trees down in my old neighborhood.  Houses look so small and old; not like I remembered.   Lake level so high, lapping the road in places.  Filling in backyards in other places.  Ben Franklin store is gone, now there is a Casey’s gas station.  Dairy Queen still down by the lake.  Football field and ice skating rink now a retirement home complex.  How time changes things.

Checking now for road closures in western North Dakota.  I have never seen so much water.  Ditches along the roads are flush with cattails and reeds, egrets and brown water.  The last hour of driving, flat road, straight road, flat horizon, green strip on the bottom, blue stripe on the top.  Great clouds, a little rain, but soooo flat.  Sooooo flat. Dennis promises me less flats tomorrow.

Knit half a hat today.  Will be looking for hills tomorrow.