An empty park and a overcrowded construction season.

Today was our first foray into TR National Park. ND Badlands are more than just rocks. Add sand and mud and way too much water. The road into the Northern Unit was closed at Capstone Coulee. A couple of.mud.slides and a serious collapse of the road kept most people on the canyon floor. Bravely we walked.the.two miles uphill taking photographs.all the way. Except for one family of hikers and a fire crew from the Black Hills preparing for a controlled.burn in the park we had the park to ourselves. Weather has been excellent for hiking and photographing. Scenery is amazing if you ignore the myriad of new oil derricks and the ubiquitous road construction. The new tent cities of rvs and campers clustered at the edges of the small towns have added that modern flair to the gold rush boom town. It is overwhelming the resources of the towns. Don’t try to buy milk or chips or beer.  Supplies are seriously depleted. And expensive.
Having a wonderful time. Still waiting to see bison and big horn sheep. Going looking for the mountain lion on the butte in the morning.


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