Time is and time was

Last night we lost power, briefly, in the cabin. This was after driving through a monster thunderstorm. If there is a place to watch the good old fashioned thunder and lightning shows it is North Dakota.
Prior to the storm I had noticed a discrepancy in the time displayed on all the major appliances and the time displayed on this and Dennis’ phone.  (I have no internet access at this cabin but the phone reception is quite amazing.) It appears we are on the  border between two time zones- central and mountain.
At the ranch it is central time zone. Down the gravel road and along highway 85 it is mountain time. In the national park, which is west of 85 and the ranch, it is central time again.  At Watford it is again mountain time.
I would worry that my phone would get confused, but according to its satelite mapping app it is in North Billings, Montana.
We have taken to looking to the sky and the position of the sun therein to tell time. The clocks on all the appliances continue to blink 00.00.
I believe I could live with this time keeping forever.