When does it really become art?

I saw the exhibit of photographs Dennis has up at the L. E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire WI last night.  I got to thinking as I wandered around looking at landscapes I have seen many times in person, in camera, on a computer screen and finally printed on paper.  These are pieces I have lived with for quite a long time, like the poems and paragraphs I write, rewrite, edit and print out to read.  So when did each of these photographs, each of my poems, become art?  When Dennis took the photo?  When I wrote the first draft? Or was it when we were finally satisfied with the form, the content, the presentation?  Maybe, and I have to think some more about this, but maybe the piece becomes art when it has a public audience.  When it is literally or figuratively hung on the wall.  It is something to think about, and maybe think about getting all that material written, drawn, made out there for people to see.  Maybe it is art once we are willing to risk a public response.


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