how sad is this?

Nine days without internet access at home and I was about to kiss the technician  who came to fix the modem today.  After six hours on the phone with the “provider” on Tuesday it was a relief to see a real human at the door.  It was vindication to find out I was not the hysterical bitch without reason, since I had never learned I had a new password, much less the contents of said password.

Ten minutes after he was introduced to Macarthur, saw Dennis in his new winter at home outfit (don’t ask) and dealt with my anguished insistence that I had followed the instructions given to me to reset the modem, the tech had fixed the modem and the internet flowed freely to all the computers in the house.  I won’t list them all, just think excessive number considering there are only two people and one dog living in this house.

Things I couldn’t do without the internet connected.

1. check emails. Okay, I checked them on my phone.  Which was even more frustrating when it came to those emails with attachments.  2. check facebook. Nobody appeared to miss my presence.  3. check my bank balance, still in the black.  Remember checkbooks and registers and writing down what you spent and where and then subtracting that amount from what was supposed to be in the bank to figure out what was left?  Now I swipe a piece of plastic, don’t have to sign my name and it is automatically (really instantaneously) deducted from my account at the bank.  Is there any question why there appears to be so little comprehension of the concept of money anymore? 4. research another internet provider. I intend to check out the options as soon as I catch up on all the things I was not able to do for nine days while the internet service was not operational.  Like writing snotty reviews of the “provider’s” customer service and tech support.  Although I will put in a good word for the real person who showed up this morning and got everything working again. Still the word inept is so weak compared to the incompetence of the tech support people at our current internet “provider” 5. download a new photo editing program for Dennis. He is using a trial version as I write, before we spend he is going to try this new fangled program out.  6. watch TV. Okay, we did watch tv, just not the tv we wished to watch.  Like all the national geographic programs and Top Gear and all the other things Netflix provides for a nominal fee each month.  I have a netflix ap on my phone.  Why? Have you never wished to watch television on a 3 inch wide screen?  Because I can?  I never have, but I can if ever I desire to do so. 7. check out the templates in my office 2010 program.  All but the three basic- letter, resume, and blank- are only available online.  Someone has to explain why the program is so enormous when most of the content is stored online.

Really, being internetless was a pain.  No I didn’t waste away into the sunset, although I did see more sunsets.  I spent more time doing things that didn’t require a computer (like knitting and reading) and I even got some writing and projects started.  But five minutes after that technician left this morning all the computers in this house were plugged in, turned on, and surfing the web.  I downloaded and uploaded, sent, received, updated, signed in and signed out, surfed and lurked and ordered and paid.

Strangely, about the time the technician completed his work, the sun came out.  A sign, once again, all is right with the world, here on Elm Lane.


4 thoughts on “how sad is this?

    • I’ve been having these moments of surprise bordering on panic when I start thinking i am the only one left in the world. Deserted streets, no cars on the roads, no people moving about. Both curiously freeing and terrifying. Just what would I do if there was no one else? Sort of like arriving after eveything is closed for the season.

    • the internet connection or being without? The modem, according to the tech support lady I spoke to last week (again!) told me all those little electrical charges can get confused, requiring me to reset the modem on what appears to be a weekly basis. Being without the internet? Well probably not so much, really, but such an inconvenience. And we all know life is all about convenience.

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