Robert Pogue Harrison Stays Home!

We will be gone five nights and four days.  I have spent the last two hours putting books in my backpack and taking them out again.  “Gardens” was in, now out.  James Tate was out, now in.  Louis Jenkins went in after Dean Young was pulled out.  Salt Hill Review is in my purse, as is the latest Willow Springs and my kindle which has many, many possible choices just waiting for me to access them.  Four days, of which most will be spent outside with my camera and newly repaired tripod (thanks Mr. B).  I expect to spend a significant part of the evening in the hotel swimming pool and sauna.  Guess what, there are bookstores where we are going (Lutsen!) and I plan to knit as well (two projects and yarn for an emergency third if there is time).  And there is the notebook, for writing and musings.  I could pull half of it out and not miss it at all.  But I won’t.  Just in case.  But Harrison stays home,  I am almost positively certain of that.