Shelter from the storm

While natural forces beyond our control attempt to wash Duluth into Lake Superior there is a new roof going up over my head. Literally, as Troy (the roofer) thumps and pounds on the section of the roof right over my computer. Meanwhile Dennis (the grounded helper and ex roofer) cuts blandex for the sheathing and challenges the roofer in thinly veiled questions. I just downloaded samples of about ten YA books to my kindle. One of the perks of the kindle, the ability to test out the book before buying. Sort of like in the bookstore, or the library, but with the option of doing so in pajamas, or not, which ever you prefer.  I was hoping for a nap this afternoon, a short blissful quiet time of musing and dozing. But not with a roofer and helper and nail guns and skill saws and shouting back and forth and clattering up and down ladders.

This is technically my weekend. Two days in a row when I am not required to go to work. So, I am at the computer in the afternoon trying to finish Red Bird business and Innocent Offering business before I take a few moments to play before supper. Even on the weekend, business comes first.

So, while too many people are trying to restore a sense of normalcy in the midst of washed out roads, sinkholes, raging creeks and who knows what else, I am getting ready to sit in the back yard with the kindle and my first chapters.  The latest rain storms that dumped nearly ten inches of rain on us in less than a week, paltry compared to the Duluth deluge, left us pretty much undamaged. No trees down, no washed out roads, electricity stayed on, and every thing so green and lush.  This is not gloating, but gratitude. Glad we are safe, and all our friends and acquaintances are safe. No one died, no one was seriously injured and we are all here to carry on with our lives. Even Lucie’s chickens survived. There were rainbows. Some days, especially weekends, are good.