Another sign

I am generally not one to believe in portents, I don’t often look for signs of affirmation or imminent disaster. I figure that vague monthly horoscopic summary is enough warning.
I have a book on my to read list. It is there, middle of the list and working its way up, slowly. Today, in my first perusal of the hulking, looking bookcase, I found the book. There on the center shelf, next to Gerald Stern and Brenda Miller.
I wonder how long the book has been there. I wonder when and where I bought it. I really wonder why it is still on the to be read list. Now I wonder how many other to be read books are annonymously taking up space in that and other bookcases. What else have I forgotten I was going to read?
Should I worry about duplicates? What is on one shelf could also be in another bookcase. Perhaps dislocated in one of the organizational frenzies. Oh, why haven’t I devised that book data base? And why haven’t I kept it up to date?
It must be a sign. Simplify. Simplify.


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