When awake in the middle of the night, unable sleep, take a stand on the balcony and be the thunderstorm.
Be a tantrum of the atmosphere. Shake your fists and stomp your feet with the rumbles and grumbles of thunder. Shriek and cry, fling your arms like the wind whipping through trees. Light the sky with the temper in your eyes. Let fury at circumstances beyond you flash. Let the tears stream, the anguish flow. Shout away the unfairness.  Growl and gnash , sling and slash. Sluice away the anger, the pain, the frustration,  the aloneness, the uncertainty with the rain. Abandon constraints. Expend the hoarded reserve. Hold nothing back.
And as the storm moves away, let the remnant rain soothe you calm. Quiet with the light; weak and spent, released and alive.