Declaring Independence, once again

If you always do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten.

I’ve been thinking, weighing the options, considering the learned opinions, trying to follow the words of Walt “re-examine all you have been told” (That’s Walt Whitman, by the way). I’ve made my decision. With it, I can, thankfully, bow out and dismiss the circus and farce that will ensue in the next four plus months and concentrate on the real fight.

I will vote in November. I will vote, despite my belief that the process is and has been for a very long time deeply flawed and skewed to the rich and powerful. It is a sham process that gives the general population the illusion of having a say, while the politically elite play their power games and make the final decisions.  Call it political parties, electoral colleges, super pacs or what ever the latest term might be, the fact is, the general public, of which I consider myself part, is being played, mollified and bamboozled by a public performance of epic proportions with little plot and even fewer believable characters.

I will vote for the “presumptive” (and no, I will never be able to forget the use of that word) Democratic candidate. And she will be, always in my mind, “presumptive.” I will never trust her, always suspect her motives, question her values and morals, and shiver with fear when contemplating the Clintons back in the White House. But the alternative is an even larger nightmare.

For all the feminist supporters of Hilary Clinton who are celebrating this great victory for women, I appreciate your euphoria. I maintain Hilary Clinton is just a good ol’ boy wearing a pant suit. She certainly doesn’t exemplify any of my feminist goals or aspirations. I am not sure she cracked the ceiling or was just given access to the sky light by her many corporate and political sponsors. I am sure she is comfortable in any and all the political back rooms. I do hope, at the beginning of her inaugural speech she thanks each and every one of them by name and donation amount.  It would be nice to know who is really going to benefit from another Clinton administration.

Just to be clear, I won’t be voting for Hilary Clinton but against Donald Trump. I will not contribute to her campaign or advocate for her. I certainly don’t support her more of the same policies.

I will support by whatever means possible the progressive movement that brought Bernie Sanders so very close to the democratic nomination and presidency. Yes, I still do believe he is the stronger, more viable candidate, and most importantly the only one who spoke to the issues of inequality and injustice in our society and political system.  Those are the issues that concern me; not the gender of the president.

I believe, as has been stated by many people, over and over, for many years, the United States of America is run by an oligarchy of corporate individuals who among themselves have too much power and wealth to ever willingly relinquish their hold over the country. Until the money-ed ceiling is shattered there will be no significant change in the politics or policies of our government. Hilary Clinton is not going to shatter the floor she stands on, and her corporate sponsors are sure to seal any fissures that might appear.  It will be more of the same; same empty rhetoric, same mediocre public numbing, same corporate gains and privilege. Ho hum, mediocrity serves the oligarchy just fine.

I will continue to oppose all efforts and attempts that further limit the possibility of success and freedom for all the people of the United States and world whatever their gender identity, race, economic status or country of origin. I will use my vote and voice to promote and strengthen the progressive movement at the state and local level, with the ultimate goal of blasting through that money- ed stronghold four and one half years from now. Yes, I welcome a revolution; this country needs a revolution no matter how costly or disruptive it may be.  Why is it taking so long?

That’s it. I have nothing more to say.


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